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Follow Our Security Advice – Tipping the Tips!

Precaution is always better than cure

Tipping the Tips! If you follow some security measures as a precaution, then, you won’t come in the need of any cure, as you would then be able to easily avert and smartly deter many criminal approaches and attacks projected upon you, your family, your office or your property etc. How often do you get such security tips from your friends, family members, relatives etc? Just getting such tips is not enough, what is mandatory is their execution and materialization.

Follow Our Security Advice: Below mentioned are some tips that will help you in discouraging the intentions of criminals towards you provided you follow them properly:

  • Your main entrance door must be very thick and strong
  • Main door should have a magic eye
  • Main door should have a chain lock
  • Cover the windows and all other small openings in your house and office with very strong and thick iron grills
  • You must never entertain and allow any unidentified visitor inside your house when you are all alone
  • Keep only those servants, governesses, nurses, drivers etc, who are verified by the police
  • Keep the photographs and bio data of your servants, governesses, nurses, drivers etc handy
  • Keeping a dog also helps
  • Avoid to keep too many valuables and too much of cash at home
  • You can even install burglar alarms inside your premises if it is possible
  • During night, you should keep the security lights ON
  • Have an emergency bell system, where the bell rings at your neighbors place
  • Always remember to lock the house properly with strong locks whenever you are going out
  • Leave a tube light or bulb on if you are going out for a small period of time
  • Always remember to inform your society’s security guard and even your neighbors, if possible, when you are going for a long period of time
  • For females! During night, avoid lonely and low light areas
  • Do not leave any valuables inside your car. Also if your music player is detachable then remove it when you leave the car in the parking
  • Always use tainted glasses or if your glasses are not tainted, then pull down the curtains so as to avoid any visibility inside your house