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DFMD Supplier

Door Frame Metal Detectors are the mandatory devices for event security, according to the new Police policy towards the increased security concern of the public. Secura Security provides the option for both purchase and get DFMD on rent which will offer security as well as safety on affordable prices.

Rented or Purchased DFMD for Successful Event Management

The security of events and functions are properly taken care of with the help of the hired and purchasable Door Frame Metal Detectors that come at a very reasonable price. The enforcement made by the Delhi Police now makes it necessary for all the event managers to install DFMD's at their events. Hence to fulfill everyone's need, Secura Security agency is giving out a classic range of DFMD's of fine quality on rent as well as for purchase.

Qualities and Peculiarities that are instilled in our DFMD

  • Even the minutest of metals are successfully detected with our Door Frame Metal Detectors and displayed on the screen of the device connected to it
  • The buyer can purchase or rent separate DFMD's for males and for females to detect the visitors in an organized way
  • We not only provide high quality DFMD's but also security officers with them who are highly knowledgeable about the working and controlling of the detectors
  • The door shape framed metal detectors that we give are free from any kind of radiations against your electronic devices
  • Our detectors are also controlled with remote controls
  • The area being detected with any suspicious item will be indicated in red color by the detector
  • Our device is helpful to spot any ferrous, alloys, on ferrous or ferrite items disciplinarily in the whole framed area in all preferences and speeds

Rent or Buy – DFMD's Safeguard Your Events Securely

Secura Security agency provides DFMD's of high quality for rent or for purchase to provide the buyer with organized and perfect event security. So, buy it or rent it, our assurance is to provide you with the best and most satisfactory results.