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We Provide Security Guards!

Young girls and boys coming to nightclubs, bars, pubs, restro-bars etc come there for a good time. If this leisure is badly impacted by stag entries, then it is a waste of their money and also it creates hostility in them. Appoint our bouncers to avoid these things from happening.

Bounce Your Security Ball by Our Brawny Bouncers !

Bouncer Services in Delhi India

We provide you trained, educated and certified licensed bouncers for:

  • Restro-bars
  • Pubs
  • Nightclubs
  • Hotels
  • Discotheques
  • Concerts
  • Other venues

Our bouncers will keep your venues away from arguments, misbehaviors, fights etc that are commonplace where crowd size is more like in discs and where alcohol consumption takes place like in bars and where girls come in skimpy clothes like in discs, pubs, restro-bars etc.

  • Our bouncers provide you security
  • Our bouncers will check the legal age and will ask for an age proof or documentation to check the entrance of minors
  • Our bouncers refuse entry to your venue based on your criteria
  • Our bouncers will check fights and arguments
  • Our bouncers will check the client’s aggressive behavior
  • Our bouncers will check the entry of weapons and drugs
  • Our bouncers will constantly monitor the crowd inside your venue

So, if you are the owner/manager of a pub, disc, bar, restaurant, hotel, club etc, then, for your client's protection and for a healthy atmosphere inside your venue makes it mandatory to appoint some brawny and powerful bouncers that will check every malicious activity. In such acts of altercations and girl harassments, our bouncers are trained to eject all the bad elements immediately. Our guards are fully taught to keep the best control over your venue.

Bouncer Security for ET ACETECH Fest 2012 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi

Secura Security provided Bouncer security for the Economic Times ACETECH 2012 conducted at Pragati Maidan recently. The fest that witnesses the gathering of biggies in the Indian Construction Industry mark the revolution that is taking place in the construction arena globally. Event Bouncers from Secura Security is engaged with the core responsibility to protect and safe guard the event that can be the venue for VIP visit and crowd gathering, particularly because of the specification it covers. Well dressed, well built, well disciple and well trained bouncers make the event the memorable one in terms of tight security provided.